Today we experienced an exciting first for the Mercy Ships Academy! English Teachers from both ships collaboratively planning for the Junior High and High School English Courses onboard both the Africa Mercy and Global Mercy.

For teachers to plan collaboratively is a very normal experience within our profession, but when you are the only teachers teaching your subject area across all junior high and high school grades there is not one to collaborate with. But that has all changed! We have entered a new era and I am so excited to see this happening, and in person too!

We have been lucky enough to have a few teachers working at the International Support Center in Texas as they waiting to join the Africa Mercy to start the next school year in October. We are using this time to plan and be ready to serve our families and students with excellence.

We are getting ready to not only restart our full academic program in October, but also grow to two schools in January. As a small example of this growth trajectory, on 01 June 2021 we had 4 teachers serving on one ship, by 17 January 2022 we will have 38 teachers serving on two ships!


Hear What Our New Teachers Have to Say:

“Working collaboratively isn’t new to me because of my history in public school, but it is new and exciting to be able to collaborate with someone from a different country than mine. It brings new and fresh perspectives that I believe will ultimately help both the teachers and students gain insight and learning that they would not have gotten in a traditional educational setting. I am thrilled to be a part of this new chapter, and see what the Lord does through the Academy in these next few years!”

Brittany Black – United States

“Teaching aboard ship will offer up no shortage of challenges, but they pale in comparison to the possible rewards. Already, I have had the opportunity to collaborate with teachers from around the world to discuss methodology and curriculum. Regardless of slightly different approaches and ideas, the one thing we all have in common is a passionate calling to teach and a dedication to excellence. I can’t wait to get started!”

Jesse Warren – Australia

This has been a dream for so long, and it is inspiring to see the fruit of many plans and prayers becoming a reality!


Nikki Aldum – Academy Superintendent