A Day in the Life of a Teacher

Answering What a School Day Looks Like & What Teachers Can Expect

“It is very hard to picture what a ‘normal’ school day would look like on the ship … so I would like to take some time to describe it to you!”

Each morning the teachers meet at 7.45 am for a ‘touch-base’ meeting and a time of prayer for the day, at 8.00 am the first bell rings, yes we do have school bells, and the Academy doors are opened and the students come through the door with great enthusiasm and excitement. The morning starts with the devotions in our school division groups, sometimes these are led by staff member and students, or sometimes we have crew members come and share too. At 8.20 am the second bell rings and student move to their classrooms for the first lesson of the day. There are seven 45 minute lessons throughout the day.

For Elementary students, the majority of the day is spent in their classroom and for JHHS (Grade 6 – 12) they move in at the end of each lesson to the specialist teachers classrooms. Our first recess of the day is from 10.00 – 10.20 am, Elementary student spend time on Deck 7 supervised by teachers and JHHS student have the privilege of being able to return to their cabins or go to the cafe area. The one condition is that they have to be seated and ready to go by 10.25 am for the third lesson. After the morning recess there are two morning lesson before the lunch break.

All students are released for lunch and spend from 12.00 – 12.55 pm with their families. This means teachers have this time free to enjoy lunch.

The school bell rings at 12.55 am for the start of the first of three afternoon lessons, all students need to be back in school ready to start by that bell. The afternoon lessons finish at 3.20 pm with the final bell. Our JHHS students then report for Clean Up Duty (one afternoon a week) and spend about 15 mins helping with vacuuming and trash removal in all the Academy classrooms and offices, this is supervised by teachers.

If it is Monday, there is a staff meeting at 3.30 pm in the academy BigRoom for all staff. For the rest of the week teachers have time to prep and grade until the end of the work day at 5.00 pm. This is a flexible time for staff and they have the freedom to plan what they need to do, but we do ask that they let the office know if they will not be in the academy in case a parent needs to get hold of them.

There are many days that are not ‘normal,’ as there can be some unplanned for and unexpected events – fire drills, presidential visits, patient emergencies, sailing days, …. but these all add to the unique nature of our school and add to an incredible experience that will forever change you in a good way!

Meeting Expectations for Staff

There is a regular weekly rhythm to meetings within the Academy. Below is a brief list of these so you can see what is coming:

Weekly Staff Meeting
Monday, 3.30 pm
All staff participation

Division Meetings
Monday, 4.00 pm
All staff participation in their division groups

Morning Touchbase
Tuesday to Friday, 7.45 am
All staff participation