Benefits of Christian Education

Faith-Based, Academically Challenging Curricula, and More!

There are many benefits to Christian education in the Mercy Ships Academy! In addition to faith-based, academically challenging curricula, our students experience many of the following, at the Academy:

1. Faith-based and character instruction

The values and faith that are important to our school community – by intentionally integrating biblical principles and supporting students as they develop a Christian worldview, we see knowledge and faith grow simultaneously. We give our students opportunities to not only learn about their faith, but also grapple with hard, and at times, uncomfortable issues so that they can be prepared for their lives beyond the Academy.

2. Small Class sizes

The largest class at our school has 6 students on the Africa Mercy Academy, and 10 students in the Global Mercy Academy. That means students know and are known by their teachers. They are able to receive the attention they need.

3. The teachers and staff know and care for the students

The environment is safe and nurturing, but not enabling. Students are held to a standard, but also given tools to help them reach that standard. Teachers develop strong relationships with our parents, partnering with them as they make educational decisions.

4. Our students have had the opportunity to be involved many unique opportunities within Mercy Ships

Our students spend time with our patients are able to serve alongside crew as Mercy Ships delivers transformational development in African Host Nations. They see God at work in the lives of people, patient and crew alike. They are also give unique opportunities to learn about different cultures in our diverse school and ship community. Each person is valued for the differences they bring.

5. Our school has a strong K-12 community, with a bond that often feels like a second family

Our students from Preschool to Grade 12 have opportunities to spend time together learning from each other. Our older students are role models to our younger students, and our younger students challenge our older students to be better people as they follow their example. The time spent as a whole school is a favourite of all our students.

6. Chance to Shine

Because our school is smaller, students can do anything and everything! The downside is that students can do it all! This is where decision-making and time management skills are put to practice.

7. Strong academics, college prep

Our students are well prepared for college when they graduate, and find themselves academically ahead of their college peers. We credit their excellent teachers and their commitment to education.

The Mercy Ships Academy considers it a privilege to partner with parents in developing students that are equipped both with a foundation of knowledge and skills, and strong Christian character that enables them to be the people God intends them to be.