We are very excited to share that the Summer Program started this past week with 49 of our younger crew from both the Africa Mercy and Global Mercy. The program starts in Senegal, West Africa and eventually the Global Mercy will return to the Canary Islands where the program will end.

This is the first time we are offering a summer program since 2012 and it is our largest one EVER! Summer Program is a 4 + week program that provides a fun, inspiring and safe place of our children and teens to be during active field service when the Academy is closed. School is out, but the fun does not stop.

We have an amazing team from all over the world: New Zealand, France, England, and the United States. This team will adapt the one-week Vacation Bible School curriculum, Make Waves, into a 5-week program for our students. The Summer Program offers a fun and energetic program that includes a spiritual component, but largely provides supervised physical and creative activities.

We look forward to how God will use this team and curriculum to inspire out student to follow Jesus and reach out to others. Please pray for our Summer Program Staff and the students during this summer break from school.

By Brian Blackburn and Nikki Aldum