Spiritual Development

A Community Following the Example of Jesus

The Mercy Ships Academy benefits from being embedded in the larger community onboard our ships. This community is dedicated to the Mercy Ships mission statement: “Following the 2,000 year old model of Jesus, bringing hope and healing to the forgotten poor.” All students’ families are part of a community that follows the example of Jesus through international ministry. The Mercy Ships Core Values are woven through everything the Academy does: “We love God, we love and serve others, we are people of integrity, and we strive for excellence in all we say and do.”

Living Out Your Faith

Academy students have the opportunity to live out their faith by participating in Community Gatherings as well as programmatic activities like Mercy Ministries and patient visits on the ward. Academy students are also surrounded by people who desire to minister to them. The Academy teachers are committed to the ministry of teaching and are willing to walk out their faith in the classroom. This is demonstrated in the Academy through the guidance of student devotions, junior high and high school retreats, the mentorship program, and a biblically-based curriculum.

Student Devotions

Student devotions are led by staff and students in an effort to meet the current spiritual needs of the student body. The goal of our devotions is to ensure students have an opportunity to share the work that God is doing in their lives in the areas of prayer, worship, and understanding God’s word.


Every year, students in Grades 6-12 attend a three-day retreat where they have intentional time to focus on their personal walk with God. Community leaders are invited to speak on a theme that reflects the current needs and challenges that students are experiencing with the school and greater ship community. This annual retreat typically takes place in November and is organized by the Head of High School, in consultation with the Principal.