Work Experience Program

Helping Students Better Understand the Professional World

Each year, the Academy offers students in Grades 6 to 12 the opportunity to spend time shadowing a crew member. The goal of this experience is to help students gain experience and better understand the professional world.

Junior High

The purpose of the placement in Junior High is to provide an opportunity for students to experience a typical working day and see the range of tasks undertaken by crew within their working life. It is also expected that students will discover the kinds of working environments they particularly enjoy.

High School

The purpose of the placement in High School is to give students a more sustained real-life work experience. As part of their work experience, students write a letter of application to the appropriate Department Head detailing why they would like to work there and what skills and abilities they have to offer. As the students get older, it is expected that they will have a better idea of the types of work that they prefer and what skills are required to perform work functions properly.