Learn Details of Our Academics Program

Explore these pages to locate detailed information about the classes and educational programs offered in the Mercy Ships Academy. You will find answers to questions like, how do we supervise and support each student’s educational transition to and from the Academy? What are the core subjects each high school student must take? And, why is it important for all students to learn French? Discover these answers and more right here!

Early Education

Students Ranging from 3 – 5 Years Old


Students Ranging from Kindergarten to Grade 5

Junior High

Students Ranging from Grades 6 – 8

High School

Students Ranging from Grades 9 – 12

Special Needs

Providing Support for Learners

Online Learning Partnership

Providing a Wider Selection of Courses

Standardized Testing

MAP Growth & ACT Options for Kindergarten – Grade 12

Educational Transition

Supporting Families Through the Transition Process

Why We Study French

Learning a Foreign Language is an Act of Friendship