The Mercy Ships Academy has the opportunity to give our students a unique perspective of the world! Our staff aims to provide our K-12 students with many opportunities to serve others and learn about those from other cultures.  Our Expected Student Outcomes help guide us in how we plan our curriculum and school calendar.

Visiting our patients that come to have a free surgery on our ships, is one way that we encourage our students to understand people from other cultures.  By reading, playing, or participating in an art project with our patients, our students learn to appreciate the differences in people and gain an understanding of the worth of every human being as created in the image of God. 

Going to hospital can be a very scary experience from most people.  Our students aim to help ease the anxiety of our patients by getting involved in their lives while on our ships.  It is my belief that both the patients and our students gain much from these visits and that they both have their lives changes as a result.