Teaching Students and Impacting Africa


Sandra Lako was born in The Netherlands but grew up on board the Anastasis where she spent much time playing with patients in the hospital. What might be uncomfortable for some was normal for Sandra and she was not bothered by the sights and sounds of a hospital.
Sandra later became Dr. Sandra Lako and has been practicing medicine now for over 17 years in Sierra Leone. In this beautiful country, she’s seen the need for safe surgery and medical care. But, she has also seen the resilience and determination of the people she works alongside. Dr. Sandra is excited to have the Global Mercy in Sierra Leone as she works with Mercy Ships to bring hope and healing to the Sierra Leoneans.
In this episode, Dr. Sandra Lako shares some fun childhood memories on the Anastasis. She tells about the moment she knew she wanted to go into medicine and the gift of living and working in Sierra Leone. Dr. Sandra is sure to fill you with hope that God is moving and doing great things amongst those in need in West Africa.

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