Kids Onboarding

Families Joining Mercy Ships

The Kids Onboarding (KOB) program is designed for children aged 5 to 12 years old whose families are joining Mercy Ships. The KOB program helps to prepare children for their new environment and provide intentional learning opportunities.

KOB meets during regular Onboarding class hours. The KOB theme each week will parallel the adult Onboarding program and includes a local field trip off-campus one day a week. 

Onboarding ThemePrinciplesKids ThemeKids Principles
Preparing for Service with Mercy Ships• Preparing you for Mercy Ships
• Preparing you for your department
• Preparing you for Africa
• Preparing you for ship community
• Preparing you for personal interactions
Are you ready to sail onboard a Mercy Ship?• Mercy Ships overview
• Where I come from
• Introduction to Africa
• Building a raft
Faith Foundations• The God we serve
• Communicating with God
• Prayer
• Kingdom principles
• Worship
Captain! I am ready to follow…• Is your God the same as my God?
• How does God talk to us?
• How can I worship God?
• Following Jesus
• Mercy Ships values
Personal and Interpersonal Development• Living on purpose
• DISC personality profile
• Conflict resolution
• Living and working in harmony
Am I ready to be a sailor?• Where have I come from?
• What am I good at?
• What do I do when someone makes me sad?
• Making friends in a new place
Working with Those We Serve• World view
• Potential of the poor
• Transformational development
• Tension in working with the poor
I see land … I am ready for the adventure?
Am I ready to be a sailor?
• Introduction to Africa
• Know the rules of the game
• What does God want me to do? I am only a kid!
• How do I see my world?

Activities Include:


Games & Team Building

Transition Activities

Creative & Craft Activities

Field Trips

International Support Center (ISC) Experiences