Over the past few weeks during our library sessions, the elementary children have been enjoying the book ‘Scribble Stones’. It is a creative art project that hopes to spread a little happiness through art! It tells the story of one little stone who thinks he will be become something amazing but then soon realizes he had become a dull paper weight. He soon meets Scribble and Splatter and they all come up with a creative way to bring joy to thousands of people around the world! They are a way to spread kindness and joy to others and the children were keen to get started on their own scribble stones!

We designed our own stones, decorated them and added a message.

“We hope this Scribble Stone makes your day! Please hide it somewhere else so someone else can find it and feel happy too! Love, The Academy!”

The children also included messages such as…

“You rock!”

“Enjoy your day!” and many others…

We then placed them around the ship for people to find, enjoy the decoration and then leave it somewhere else for another crew member to find and enjoy! We have seen these stones move around the ship over the past few weeks, they have made it into a variety of places and have added a little color and fun to the day.

The children loved creating these stones and we hope that they spread a little joy and fun on the ship! God has given us the ability to be creative and we have used these gifts to bring joy to our community!

If you are on the AFM make sure you look out for them, you never know where they might be and if you find one, enjoy it and then place it somewhere else for another crew member to find!

Who knows one day they might even find their way to you reading this somewhere else in the world!