The 2nd Trimester of the school year has begun in the academy and we are back in full swing! We have had a great 3 weeks back at school, learning lots of new things and even going on some fun field trips on board. The children have been writing their own stories and reading them to the other classes as a way to perform them to an audience. The stories were fabulous and if you see one of our youngest crew members ask them to tell it for you!

Some of the children have been down to see what happens in the Bio Medical department of the ship, see the day to work that keeps everything running smoothly. We have been doing lots of science experiments, changing the states of different objects and recording our findings. We have also loved our PE sessions, playing games with hockey sticks and keeping the ball up in the air, even though the wind makes this very tricky outside at the moment!! 

We are now waiting excitedly for the new members of our classes to arrive in the next weeks when they are free from quarantine. The Pollard family arrived last week and will join the academy in mid-February. We are very excited not only to meet our new classmates but also to meet our new Principal! There is so much to look forward to over the next few months in the Academy, it is an exciting time.

As part of devotions in the academy we have been thinking about Joy and there is much to be joyful about here on board! God has been with us throughout our time here in Tenerife, he has protected and kept the ship Covid free, he has walked with us through difficulties, he has made a way for crew members to go home and for new crew to make a way to the ship. Joy is anchored in our faith in God and not in the circumstances that we are currently in. As one of the children phrased it ‘God wants to give us joy and make our hearts smile.’

I wonder how God will make your heart smile today?


Written by Kathyrn Dungworth